Horror Channel Frightfest 2016 Film Ratings

It was all change this year at FrightFest as the headline sponsor was now the Horror Channel, and instead of the confines of Vue Leicester Square we were now out in the spacious Vue Shepherds Bush at West 12. Gone were the protestors jugglers and buskers, only to be replaced with singing religious groups and police tape (don’t ask). Mitch, Damon, Mark, Mike, Sarah and John spent 5 days at the annual horror-thin.  Ranging from the brilliant to the boring, detouring into ‘holy ***** they actually went there’ territory –  we present our 2016 FrightFest scorecard


As per usual, scores are out of 5 and averaged between the reviewers that saw the screening – a minimum of 2 people needed to see the film for it to be included below.
With 70+ films over the weekend were not able to see everything.


The 2016 Real Reel Scares Film of The Festival – They Call Me Jeeg Robot

 They Call Me Jeeg Robot 4.75/5

Train to Busan 4.5/5

Egomaniac 4.2/5
Pet 4.16/5
Benavidez’s Case 4/5
Beyond the Gates 4/5
 Cruel Summer 4/5
Neighbour 4/5
Johnny Frank Garrets Last Word 3.86/5
  Another Evil 3.83/5
Directors Cut 3.83/5
Siren 3.83/5
Under the Shadow 3.75/5
Found Footage 3D 3.75/5 

Master Cleanse 3.5/5
Realive 3.5/5
31 3.33/5

Lost Solace 3.16/5
White Coffin 3/5
Similars 3/5
Sadako VS Kayako 2.87/5
My Father Die 2.83/5
From a House on Willow Street 2.75/5
Knucklebones 2.75/5
Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies 2.75/5
Red Christmas 2.75/5
The Windmill Massacre 2.75/5 

 Mercy 2.5/5
The Chamber 2.33/5

Abattoir 2.16/5
Let Her Out 2/5 
Cell 1.75/5
 Downhill 1.75/5

Through The Shadow 1.33/5
The Creature Below 1.25/5

 Lets Be Evil 0.83/5

The Worst Film of the Festival – Lets Be Evil

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