Film4 FrightFest Glasgow 2016 Film Ratings

Its February and yet again FrightFest takes up residence at the Glasgow Film Theatre for 2 days of films, shorts and Q&As. A number Real Reel Scares crew headed north of the border, stocked up on IrnBru and butter tablet and reported back on the lineup.
As before  all films have been rated out of 5, and averaged over the number of people watching.


Film of the Festival, Horror Comedy Patchwork

Patchwork 4.5/5
Southbound 4.25/5

The Devils Candy 4/5
The Wave 3.75/5 


The Minds Eye 3.33/5
SPL2 3/5

Anguish 2.6/5
Baskin 2.6/5
Pandemic 2.25/5

The Forest 2/5
The Other Side of The Door 1.75/5

Martyrs 1.5/5

The Martyrs remake lived up to expectations and was the weakest film of the lineup

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