Real Real Scares Christmas Party 2 – The Tombola Of Terror!!


4 men, 1 woman, 35 films & 13 hours.

Firmly in the ‘WTF were we thinking’ camp is the second Real Reel Scares Christmas Party. Where 4 men (John, Mark, Mike and Damon) and one woman (site editor and ‘person wrangler’ Kat) braved Storm Desmond and met at an undisclosed location for an overnight marathon of films hand selected by Mark.

These were the rules, 35 films (yes 35!) from the last 70 years had been selected than nobody other than Mark had seen. A random number generator was used to select a film and then we would watch, rate and then compare to the IMDB rating. ‘Technical Issues’ (i.e. Mike) ensured and in total 7 films were watched by varying numbers of the group.

Note – usually we rate out of 5, but to compare to IMDB this night the scores were averaged out of 10


11. Der Lift

Real Reel Scares Rating 3.8
IMDB Rating 6.3



25. The Cure

Real Reel Scares Rating 4.8
IMDB Rating 7.4



20. Fragile

Real Reel Scares Rating 6.8
IMDB Rating 6.2



33. Humanoids of the Deep (Monster)

Real Reel Scares Rating 6.8
IMDB Rating 5.7



32. Night Of The Demon (Curse of the Demon)

Real Reel Scares Rating 9
IMDB Rating 7.6



35. Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)

Real Reel Scares Rating 6.6
IMDB Rating 7.3



13. Killdozer

Real Reel Scares Rating 3
IMDB Rating 5.1


And with the sun rising, coffee brewing and toast… toasting? we split separate ways to rejoin the real world,
All of us thinking the same – lets do this again.

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