Celluloid Screams 2015 Film Ratings

Yet again, and this time in greater numbers Real Reel Scares descended on the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield for the Celluloid Screams Festival 2015. Over 3 days with flat caps and whippets in hand, Faye, John, Mike, Mark and Sarah watched loads of shorts, features and drank the festival beer. The event culminated in a live performance by Goblin, scoring Profondo Rosso live.
As before with Fright Fest all films have been rated out of 5, and averaged over the number of people watching.


Celluloid Screams Film of the Festival These Final Hours

These Final Hours 4.5/5

He Never Died 4.2/5
Profondo Rosso/Goblin 4/5
 The Invitation 3.9/5
Deathgasm 3.88/5
 They Look Like People 3.88/5

Scared Safe 3.5/5
The Witch 3.38/5
Corpse of Anna Fritz 3.25/5
Emelie 3.25/5

Goodnight Mommy 2.6/5

Yakuza Apocalypse 2/5

Darling 1.4/5

Mickey Keating’s Darling scored the lowest marks (but did split the group)

Note – Excess Flesh is not listed here as only 1 member of the group watched the film in its entirety (a number of us walked out).

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