Frightfest 2015 Film Ratings

With great excitement, stomachs full of toast and rain-soaked footwear; the Real Reel Scares team sat though 16th Annual  Film4 Fright Fests offerings of blood-soaked celluloid delights. With nearly 100 films on show over the 5 days of August Bank Holiday, it was physically impossible to see everything on offer – but we all saw as much as we could. This list is the good, the bad, and the ‘In Fear’ of this years fest. Watched rated and aggregated the scores to bring you 2015’s Festival Film Ratings.



The Frightfest 2015 Film of the Festival Night Fare

Night Fare 4.75/5


Deathgasm 4.66/5
They Look Like People 4.66/5
These Final Hours 4.63/5
Summer Camp 4.5/5
Turbo Kid 4.28/5
Bait 4.25/5


A Xmas Horror Story 4.13/5
We Are Still Here 4.1/5
Estranged 4/5
The Rotten Link 4/5
 Landmine Goes Click 3.83/5


Banjo 3.71/5
Bloodsucking Bastards 3.7/5
Rabid dogs 3.66/5
Body 2.63/5
Emelie 3.63/5
Tales Of Halloween 3.63/5
The Diabolical 3.5/5
Madman 3.5/5
Shut In 3.42/5
Slumlord 3.34/5


Howl 3.25/5
Scherzo Diabolico 3.25/5
Over Your Dead Body 3.17/5
Remake Remix Ripoff 3.13/5
Frankenstein 3.08/5
The Hallow 3/5
Most Likely To Die 3/5


Road Games 2.63/5
The Nightmare 2.5/5
Nina Forever 2.5/5


Hellions 2.21/5
Stung 1.92/5


AAAH 1.67/5
Some Kind Of Hate 1.63/5
Inner Demon 1.58/5
Cherry Tree 1.36/5


The Worst Film of FrightFest 2015 - Opening Film Cherry Tree

The Worst Film of FrightFest 2015 – Opening Film Cherry Tree

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