Review: Knock Knock

When a devoted husband and father is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women unexpectedly knock on his door for help. What starts out as a kind gesture results in a dangerous seduction and a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Perhaps it’s just me that saw more to this movie than everyone else I know that has seen it and slated it but in my own opinion it isn’t as bad as you may have heard, in fact, whisper this, it was actually enjoyable and fun.

Home invasion movies have been done to death for me and once you’ve seen a handful you have seen them all, you know the setup; get you to think what you see on screen could happen to you once you get home. And sometimes they really do work, FUNNY GAMES is a great film and even on a mainstream level I really liked THE STRANGERS, I thought that worked well. And let’s not leave YOU’RE NEXT from that list too. But for me it is a genre that is very limited and it has now got to the point where it has been done to death. Then along comes this.

What I got from KNOCK KNOCK was director and producer Eli Roth really not giving a fuck what people think of his movie. It starts off slowly as two stranded girl’s rock up at the door of a mis-cast Keanu Reeves and it all goes wrong from there. After initially getting rid of the troublesome twosome they break in and return the following day to create even more mischief.

What I would have liked to have seen with this movie is to be given a motive, what made them behave the way they did and that is a question that goes unanswered. Why they were so cold and uncaring so some sort of backstory would have been a good addition. In terms of the movie content I can see why some people got offended as it touches upon some questionable subjects such as forced incest role-play which may not appeal to everyone.

That said it is a fun movie, watching it without a crowd lost the atmosphere for me but it doesn’t deserve the criticism it has been getting. No it isn’t anything new, yes it is frustrating and you can count the moments where our lead character could and should have escaped but doesn’t. I actually can honestly say I liked this film and whilst it’s all been done before that doesn’t make it a terrible film even if it is more fanny games than FUNNY GAMES.

Is it me? Maybe it is me but I’m starting to doubt Eli Roth as a Director. I loved Hostel, liked Hostel 2 as well, still not got round to Cabin Fever and side stepped Green Inferno at last year’s Frightfest. But given that Knock Knock had managed a cinema run in the UK I thought I’d give it a go.

A married man is terrorised by a couple of teenage girls, with Roth directing I went in expecting a little grindhouse action here, blood and lots of tits and ass. I got a little T&A and hardly any blood, really quite a let down on both counts! Starring Keanu Reeves (Evan) and coming after the brilliant John Wick (well I thought it was brilliant) I was curious to see how Reeves would do in this little horror film, well not very well in the end!

Fair enough Lorenza Izzo (Genesis) and Ana De Armas (Bel) are extremely attractive and can hold the male viewers attention for a while, but being a horror fan I wanted more blood, or maybe a little more torture. When it came down to the torture scene, it was really quite laughable coupled with Reeves extremely wooden acting it just turned into a terrible scene all together  which seemed to drag on and on and on. Actually the film was really starting to lose my interest at this point and to tell you the truth I found it all rather dull. I’m not sure what Roth was going for here, a moral tale of don’t mess around when your wife is out of town. “You can always say no”, or that messed up women are vengeful bitches and should be left out in the rain! No idea what Roth was going for and I really don’t care to be honest.

Back to the acting, well Reeves’s acting to be precise, I wasn’t convinced in the first few minutes of the film, but I was hoping it was more the script, but it soon came to light that it was his acting (yeah I know he’s not the greatest, but he gets by usually). I wasn’t feeling his character at all and when he was asked to convey any emotion I was left cold; I really didn’t care about Reeves’s fate, and laughed at the final outcome, because in my eyes it was just ridiculous.

It was all ridiculous, there was no fun, no fear, no blood and not enough tits and ass! So Eli should return to grindhouse and Reeves should go back to action films. All in all a poor horror film and one I doubt I’ll want to revisit!

Knock Knock is out on DVD and BluRay 19th October 2015




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