Short: The Paper Round

Directed by: Katie Bonham
Written by:  Katie Bonham
Cast: James Watts, Theresa Lamb, Drew Kemp, Ryan Hill 

The Paper Round is set over three consecutive mornings during the daily newspaper delivery. Tormenting the inhabitants of one house on his round each day.



Katie Bonham’s new short is a story of a man stuck in his own living hell, dealing with the consequences of his actions. As with all these types of stories it’s very much left up to the viewer to decide where the line is between reality and the characters own psyche. For most of the short running time, this is fairly obvious, it’s just a case of finding out just what has happened to this poor man.

It’s a solid short, and at 5 minutes long it doesn’t out stay its welcome, yet I’m not sure if a few more minutes just to develop the man’s pain would have helped. There is a feeling of solitary, a feeling of guilt, but I would have liked to see the man suffer a little more, not as a punishment but to show his torment and regret.

That said I did like it, the premise isn’t new, but Bonham deals with the subject matter very well and has produced a nice little short, worthy of your time.


Katie Bonham’s short is one of only two chosen to be shown at this month’s Fright Fest in Glasgow. This took me by surprise (not a bad thing) as the poster lead me to think this was a ‘paperboy in peril’ movie, and it’s actually a rather lyrical, slow reveal tale.

The difficulty with reviewing this is that the gently paced reveal relies on an audience not having prior knowledge of the tale. Broadly speaking this is a haunting little tale that focuses on a man who has his paper delivered rather than the paperboy himself. I ‘got it’ a little earlier than perhaps was the intention, but maybe that was just me.

Sound is effectively used to signify the approach of the paperboy as the cards in the spokes of his wheels signify his approach. Perhaps more could of been made of this and the slow build/tension of the approaching bike having more of an effect on the paperboys customer.

While the subject matter is nothing particularly new, the film is more than competently directed. I liked the decision to keep the camera more static within the man’s house, and the simple set ups support the feeling of a man for whom nothing is happening.

The film doesn’t overstay its welcome, and stands as a haunting tale of a man dealing with the consequences of his actions. While there are no scares in the piece, it is certainly a worthwhile investment of your time.

Kate Bonhams ‘The Paper Round is a very well thought out short film. At only 5 minutes in length it doesn’t have much time for character development or a complicated premise. What it does have however is a very nice little idea and a short story to tell, and that it manages to tell quite well.

The film paced itself and the thought put into the story showed as there was really no fat you could of cut from the film to tighten it up at all. Granted some of the effects aren’t the best looking though these are used very sparingly. The Paper Round for me highlights how much technology has moved on in the last 5 years, the film looks and sounds great.  The film for me was lost slightly in its own logic by the end and I could of done without the last shot of the breakfast table (being coy, spoilers!).

Its probably not going to make you jump out of your seat in a standing ovation and definitely not just jump out of your seat going airbourne (Mark might..).  BUT its a great little story and nicely made short film that shows interesting promise, I would love to see where the makers go next.

The Paper Round will be showing at Film4’s Frightfest in Glasgow at the end of February


keepsakeThe Paper Round is currently on the festival circuit.
Katie Bonham’s next film Keepsake has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign is running till 1st March 2014.

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