Preview: Film4 Frightfest Glasgow 2015


Glasgow Frightfest is fast approaching, the line up announced, the tickets have gone on sale, and we at Real Reel Scares have got ourselves 3 of them. Mark, John and I will be traveling up to Scotland at the end of February to watch 2 days of horror films, get drunk and enjoy being among some of the best genre fans in the world. What more is there?

This will be my second year at the Glasgow event, I really did enjoy myself last year. It’s a completely different experience to the August one, it’s much more intense, we always seem to be rushing around yet it’s all over a little too quickly for me. I could do with another day. (So I’m going up on Wednesday this year!) That said I still had a great laugh, with great company and watched some really good films along with some pretty bad ones as well and at the end of it I did want to come back this year.

So let’s have a look at what lies in store for us then……. Eliza Graves_3













Film 9




So there we have it, 11 films over the two days of the Festival, plus the extra film on the Thursday (Which we have tickets for) a decent lineup it has to be said. There are a few which standout, Wrymwood, is the obvious choice. But Rec 4, Clown and The Treatment all seem to have decent predictions, will any of these emerge as our favourite, we shall see.

It’s going to be a great few days up in Scotland.

72 thoughts on “Preview: Film4 Frightfest Glasgow 2015

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