Review: Jack Frost



In the sleepy town of Snowmonton, a truck carrying serial killer Jack Frost crashes into a genetics truck causing Jack’s body to mutate and fuse together with the snow on the ground. Presumed dead and never found, he returns as a killer snowman seeking revenge on the man that caught him.




It’s been a while since I had seen this movie but whilst we are looking at Christmas themed films here’s one that stuck out for me! Opening with the mass murderer Jack Frost being transported to his place of execution as the prison truck crashes and he escapes only to face a fiery demise in an explosion. As his remains melt into the snow he returns back as Jack Frost – the killer snowman!

His first kills involve a group of kids who are bullying young Ryan who helped to build Jack Frost back into a snowman and give him eyes and a mouth and involves sledging and beheading and whilst not particularly revelling in gore and gruesomeness it is done in a way that will make you laugh. As the kills pile up we find Jack back in Chucky and Freddy territory with the kills being accompanied by some sort of comment or wise crack. Jack also has a unique way of getting around by melting and refreezing himself and this is a pretty creative element to the story.

JACK FROST is definitely not a movie to be taken seriously but it does fit well within the Christmas theme if you can just suspend belief enough to accept the ashes of a dead serial killer could come back as a killer snowman.

That said it is a lot of fun on its first viewing but when you’ve seen it once then that is enough. It did well enough to warrant a sequel (set in the Caribbean) and it isn’t like anything I’ve seen before, it’s an odd movie that warrants a watch but one watch is enough.



If I had a pound for every time someone asked me, “Not the Michael Keaton one?”, then I’d be at least three pounds better off. Hey, I’m a student, every little helps! But before you add an extra sparkly gold pound coin to my coffers, no, not the Michael Keaton one. This Jack Frost was actually made before the other and is far less disturbing than that one. A dead dad reincarnated as a snowman? THAT is a pitch for a movie…? A family movie??

At least you know where you stand with a killer snowman. (insert gag here) To be honest after the untold multitudes of killer santa’s it is quite refreshing to be present with with a new iconic villain for the festive season. Yes, admittedly there were only 2 Jack Frost movies ever made, but then there were only 2 Candyman movies, and no one tells Tony Todd that he’s not iconic. (No one would dare!)

So, what do we have here? A serial killer is transported to his execution in a Christmas snowstorm, surprise surprise, he escapes, surprise surprise, a toxic substance engulfs him, melting him and genetically merging him with the surrounding snow. Actually that was quite unexpected to be fair…

Now the homicidal serial killer snowman, with super snowman powers of course, proceeds to exact his revenge on the town, and as specially the sheriff. What ensues is several inventive deaths from the genetically enhanced snowman. Kids are beheaded, ice daggers are shot at victims, as are killer snowballs, Christmas decorations are ground into faces and Jack even grows fangs. Sounds great, and actually to a point it is. Certainly the movie doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur. The effects are woeful, there is often no sign of snow in this winter wonderland,the snowman’s lips don’t always synch during JF’s many puns. This snowman is more than familiar with horror film conventions, and goes down the Freddy Kruger road of hammy dialogue after every kill. How’s, “I only axed for a smoke…” for a start? Yes he had just put an axe through someones skull.

Ultimately both Jack Frost, and its even more out there sequel, will never win any awards, but they are mild diversions that are a bit of fun. Cheaply made but mildly entertaining, and at least there’s no killer santa’s to be seen!


I thought I’d better get in the festive spirit with the rest of the crew and review some good old Christmas horror films. So here I go with Jack Frost. Strangely enough this is my first watch of this film, though that said it may not be my last watch either. Yes I actually quite liked it and it has cool tag line – He’s Chillin ….. and Killin (it’s in the quiz!)

I do struggle with low-budget horror films, I mean a giant snowman going round killing people reeling off one liners with each kill; it’s either going to be dire, or so bad it’s good! But no I really did quite enjoy it, it’s more in the line of it’s so bad it’s good. Though it had a certain charm about it, plus they actually came up with a semi-decent reason why the killer Jack Frost ends up as a Snowman. Liquefying the soul – never heard that one before, a liquid killer – genius. Well maybe not genius, but it’s just as good as any supernatural hokum that these films usually pull. Some of the kills are quite effective but budget dictates how graphic these are, and the director Michael Cooney keeps as much off camera as he can. But it’s not all good, in fact quite a lot of it falls in the – that’s just so bad it’s actually funny; the bath scene and the anti-freeze scene, plus why does Shannon Elizabeth’s character blow dry her hair and then actually get into a bath and get it wet again, I mean that was just ridiculous. Yet even with all this going on I still found myself enjoying the film.

The script is quite funny at times, Jack’s one-liners with each kill are poor and some are so bad they are quite funny. Yet the cast help matters a lot, Scott MacDonald is quite good voicing Frost. While Christopher Allport is pretty good as the cop that caught Jack Frost and the target of Jack’s revenge. Stephen Mendel is quite funny as a government agent along with the scientist played by Rob LaBelle. The supporting cast all weigh in with some good performances; there’s no real over the top acting, it’s quite seriously played at times, well as serious as you can be with a killer snowman.

I can’t believe I like this more than Kris and Mark, as silly as it was I did have a jolly good time watching it. Though I may skip on the sequel!




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