Review: Jack Frost 2 Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman



A killer snowman returns….. to kill more people.




Yep, Jack’s back! Tongue still firmly in cheek but already the law of diminishing returns has set in. the wise cracks are (even more) tired. In this, ‘Oh my God, it’s a worse idea than the first one!’ Set up, Jack Frost returns, and heads out after his nemesis the Sheriff going all ‘Jaws Revengy’ on his ass! REVENGE OF THE MUTANT KILLER SNOWMAN! Certainly can’t be faulted as a descriptive title. If only it was any good.

The sheriff and his wife decide to head somewhere without snow to forget the terrible events of last Christmas’s killer snowman attack. So Caribbean island here they come. No snow here they think. Until a cup of coffee ( I kid you not) resurrects Jack Frost and his new h2o Terminator 2 type powers are in pursuit of our local neighbourhood sheriff. Clearly the coffee has given a caffeine injected upgrade as Jack now has offspring. Killer snowballs!

The snowballs seem to have been introduced to offer up a Gremlins scenario. Snowballs even gut juiced in a blender ( you can’t get any more Gremlins than that.) The beastie balls have high pitched voices and pointy teeth, but ultimately they look pretty poor in the effects stakes. Despite the forced humour, silliness, and some ridiculous kills, I couldn’t help thinking that this was a Christmas film that was better ( I use the term loosely!) as a stand alone film.

The acting is not just scrapping the bottom of the barrel, more gouging out the bottom, and the floor beneath it. the sheriff himself seems to have had a personality transplant since the first film as his laid back style is replaced by a man experiencing a complete breakdown. Although maybe I’m just not aware of how devastating a killer snowman can be to a sheriff.

If you do choose to ( or are forced to when you find yourself suddenly experiencing a home invasion movie) watch this ludicrous slice of sequel cheese then I have two keywords for you.



WHAT was going on with the carrot?





As if the first JACK FROST movie wasn’t enough the question much be how do you possibly top that? Well with the remnants of Jack Frost being contained in the anti-freeze that killed him he makes his escape from a laboratory after a cleaner inadvertently spills a drink in the container holding him. In an attempt at irony the sequel then transfers to the Caribbean where the sheriff from the original movie is away on holiday with his family however Jack has found a new method of transportation.

Jack Frost 2 doesn’t bring anything new to the party; if you loved the first film you will enjoy this but there is something that doesn’t sit right by transferring the location as it all feels a little unnecessary and the characters in this movie you find yourself wishing a gruesome end. In that respect it is still an OK movie but it just doesn’t work and loses a certain something by moving the setting.

Jack is still his usual wisecracking self, there are a few imaginative kills which is great but there is still a lack of guts and gore which would have made a poor movie much better and would have gone some way to redeeming itself from the damage done by moving the setting. Where the movie throws something new into the mix is by Jack having the ability to reproduce himself into killer snowballs, cute they may be but deadly none the less.

What I found with this movie is that it just isn’t as good as the first, a case of a sequel that didn’t need to be made and whilst it still raises a few smiles it isn’t on a par with the original movie and that location change really doesn’t help matters. With a cast you don’t care about, one liners that we have heard before and a script that borders on ridiculous then the things that made the first movie good are totally lost in its follow up. Cute killer snowballs aside, this really doesn’t work for me.





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