The Christmas Quiz

mcq2Seeing as we are in December we thought we should have some fun, so we present Mark’s Christmas Quiz (holds for applause).

Its Easy really, all you have to do is identify the which festive films had the following  tag-lines… All 31 of them. One for every day of the month.
I’ll even give you a clue to start… Some films had multiple tag lines, and multiple titles…
How hard can it be?

1)   …The night he dropped in.

2)   Better Watch Out Better Not Cry Or You May DIE!

3)   He’ll sleigh you.

4)   Have yourself a deadly little Christmas.

5)   This Christmas you better believe in Santa…or he’ll slay you.

6)   When the kidding stops…the killing starts!

7)   This holiday season, the slayride begins

8)   Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous.

9)   The only thing more terrifying than being alone is discovering that you’re not.

10) A new level of fear.

11) This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus.

12) December 5 will never be the same…

13) You’ve made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.

14) He knows When You’ve been naughty…

15) Prayers won’t save you in the silent part of this night.

16) The Nightmare is about to begin…again.

17) When your nightmare ends the real terror begins.

18) And if I die before I wake, thank you.

19) He’s home…But he’s not alone.

20) You’ll Scream ’till dawn.

21) When the lights go out the feeding begins,

22) Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…Zombies are on there way!

23) He’s chillin’…and killin!

24) Only Santa can save you now!!

25) His slay bells are ringing!

26) Towering above all others…

27) Terror comes calling

28) The Beast-woman haunts the night anew!

29) Nothing will prepare you for

30) Could you end a stranger’s life…to change your own?

31) Don’t dare make New Year’s resolutions…unless you plan to live!

Tie Breaker – Which film is Marks festive number 1?

To enter, send your answers with your name, address and age to by midnight on 18th December 2014. (Open to residents of the UK only)

The person with the most correct answers will get a Christmas present from us at Real Reel Scares.
If more than one reader gets all 31 titles correct, then the tie breaker will be the person who guesses which film Mark has picked as his Festive number 1 (or the highest placed film in his top 10).

We will be revealing the answers over Christmas, so if your scratching your heads, you can find out the answers later this month.

Merry, Scary Christmas!

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